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Important Links

Listed are other organizations that provide valuable information and other resources to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities on America’s rural roadways.

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Arkansas Farm Equipment Exemptions Codes

Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department


Berkeley Safe Transportation Research and Education Center


Florida State Statute – 316.2295 Lamps, reflectors and emblems on farm tractors, farm equipment and implements of husbandry

Florida State Statutes – 316.515 Maximum width, height, length


Georgia Department of Agriculture

Georgia Department of Public Safety

Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety – Slow Moving Vehicles


Idaho Farm Bureau – Rural Road Safety PSA (video)


Iowa DOT – Rural Road Crashes PSA (video)

Iowa DOT – Truck Information Guide


Kentucky State Police

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet


Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections

Louisiana DOT


University of Minnesota – Center for Excellence in Rural Safety

University of Minnesota – Rural Highway Safety Clearinghouse

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services


OH Farm Bureau Farmer’s Guide to Truck and Farm Implement Laws and Regulations


Oregon Dept. of Safety – Rural Road Safety


Pennsylvania Farm Bureau – Ag Vehicles and Equipment

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau – Rural Road Safety Program

South Carolina

South Carolina DOT


University of Tennessee – Highway Safety

Other safety sites/resources:

Ag PhD – Farm Basics: Harvest Traffic Safety (video)

Ag PhD – Farm Basics: Spring Road Safety (video)

Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) – Ag Equipment on Public Roads

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Hobby Farms – Farm Equipment Road Safety Tips

Monsanto Off-the-Job Safety – Rural Road Safety (video)

National Ag Safety Database – Machinery and Vehicle Safety

Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention, and Education – Agricultural Equipment Road Safety

Tennessee Home & Farm – Rural Roads & Ag Safety